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Enea, Intel Showcase Firewall- Protected Open Source SD-WAN

This Intel white paper describes an SD-WAN and security solution based on open source VNFs and Enea NFV Access.

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The 5G Cloud Data Management Playbook 2019

New Playbook for Mobile Operators describing how the data layer is enabling stateless applications for 5G mobile networks.

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The Importance of Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) for SOCs

Learn about the essential role of Deep Packet Inspection sensors to strengthen Security Operation Centers.

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Our Featured Technology Areas

Video Traffic Management

Video is now THE most important element of the mobile experience.


Cloud Data Management

The rock that anchors your stateless cloud applications.


Policy and Access Control

Innovative software-based functions for authentication, policy control and user data management.


Traffic Intelligence

Detailed, real-time DPI-based traffic visibility inside your cybersecurity and networking solutions.


Virtualization for uCPE and SD-WAN

Virtualization for white box in customer premise deployments without OpenStack.


Operating System Solutions

Linux and RTOS solutions for advanced and high-performance embedded and telecom applications.