Four students at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, design a solution for storing data in air traffic control system. This is the birth of Enea. In the 1960s the group writes software history with their real-time programming and development of operating systems. Herein lies the foundation of Enea’s art of engineering and outstanding expertise.


Most important for Enea’s development is the Simula project for the Swedish Defense Research Agency. In this project Enea lays the foundation for the first object-oriented language. Other customers include Stansaab, ASEA, LM Ericsson and Facit. The number of employees goes from 5 to 75.


Enea OSE was launched in 1985. Today it is one of the world’s most commonly used operating systems. ASEA is the biggest customer. Enea lands multi-year assignments to develop software and hardware for the police’s dispatch system. Enea becomes the base node in Swedish USENET, predecessor to today’s Internet. Sweden’s first e-mail is sent over the Internet to Enea in 1983. The number of employees goes from 75 to 153.


Ericsson launches its GSM project, which includes the operating system Enea OSE. The Ericsson Group becomes Enea’s biggest customer. Hard work with Enea OSE drives the company forward and upward. International establishment initiated. Number of employees goes from 153 to 493.


Enea secures its position as a world-leading supplier of solutions for communications-intensive products. Consultant portion grows sharply and a major acquisition in Romania increases outsourcing capacity. Focus on telecoms intensifies and the product portfolio is strengthened through intensive development and acquisitions. The software offering is particularly suited for the telecom industry’s stringent demands for availability and reliability. Geographic expansion to three continents. Number of employees about 650.


Enea divests its Swedish services organization which gives a new business focus on telecoms and networking. Enea’s commercial Linux distribution sees the light of day and deepened strategic alliances are formed with ARM and key hardware manufacturers. Enea invests increasingly in open source industry collaboration projects (Linaro, Linux Foundation, Yocto Project, and OPNFV) and acquires Centered Logic, Qosmos, and Openwave Mobility. Number of employees about 600.