Meeting Jan Häglund – the new Chief Executive Officer of Enea

By Tomas Hasselrot

Jan Häglund - CEO EneaHow would you very briefly describe your role?

I'm the CEO of Enea and will be leading the company and the executive management team, towards growth and profitability.

What do feel most excited about after joining Enea?

I feel very excited about many things after only a few weeks with Enea. I have not had the chance to meet the staff at all organizational units yet but have visited the teams in Sweden, France, and Northern Ireland. I have been very impressed by the people, the competence and the offering we have.

Could you please tell us about your background?

I have worked in Japan and in the Silicon Valley in the US, but my home base has always been Sweden. I have an engineering background and a PhD in computational physics. I joined Ericsson 25 years ago and held number of leadership positions within that company.

What is your take on the corporate strategy?

Enea is a company that stands strong on several legs. We have the business unit for services and the business unit for operating systems and infrastructure. Both of them have been with the company for a long time and they are still strong and important. However, the biggest part of our business is network solutions for traffic management, cloud data management, policy and access control, and deep packet inspection. During the first quarter this year, it represented 54 percent of the revenue and it is growing. A significant part of the strategy is to make sure that we keep this momentum.

Which are your most important focus areas?

There are several focus areas for me. Right now, I need to get into the business and the financials, to make sure that we continue to deliver as a company. It is also important for me to make sure that we continue to work and operate as one team and one company. This will make us more competitive in the market. Another high priority is continuous innovation. All of our business starts and ends with customers, and we have to fully understand the customers' needs and requirements to make sure that we have great products. That is the foundation of our business.

Do you have any comments on the first quarter results?

Enea published a very strong first quarter report that was well received by the market. It was strong financially and showed good growth in terms of revenue and profitability. All parts of the company showed improvements and performed well. The report gained a lot of interest, due to not only the positive numbers but also when it comes to the new position of Enea. Many analysts wanted to know more about our strong development in network solutions and we talked about how Enea will be relevant for 5G, in areas like traffic management, cyber security, and policy control solutions.