Network Transformation Award Winner

Enea won the prestigious Network Tranformation Award as the Best New NFVi Platform 2018. A dedicated effort developing a lightweight virtualization software platform for the edge has paid off, and the result resonates in the industry as it serves a compelling sweetspot in uCPE economics.

by Fredrik Ehrenstråle

The Best New NFVi Platform

“We saw at an early stage that the network edge offered tough challenges to the industry”, said Karl Mörner, SVP R&D and Product Management at Enea’s NFV Business Unit. “Challenges that Enea traditionally have been really good at solving. Our legacy in providing operating system software to the world’s most demanding customers has been the foundation of our recent journey in the SDN/NFV space, and us winning the Best New NFVi Platform award is entirely thanks to “Enea® NFV Access” – a lightweight, high-performance, virtualization software platform for CPE and SD-WAN type of use-cases.“

Redefining the economics of uCPE

Enea NFV Access is a market first in terms of great networking performance at unparalleled CPU and memory footprint. This, in turn, has caught the attention amongst customers and partners in that it helps re-defining the economics of uCPE; Now, the same service or network function can be delivered, without loss, on ultra-low spec hardware, which helps to drastically lower the HW spend for service providers and enterprises, and allowing them to scale effortlessly.

Winning NFVi Characteristics

The virtualization software platform Enea NFV Access is optimized for best-in-class networking characteristics, with high throughput, low latencies, and low requirements on processing power – ideal for retail and point of sales scenarios.

A Winning Ecosystem for SD WAN and uCPE Deployments

Enea is partnering with leading whitebox and VNF vendors to ensure streamlined solutions that optimize networking performance and provide minimal footprint for both the platform and the VNFs, resulting in very high compute density. Recent announcements include integrated solutions together with Advantech, Lanner, Fortinet, and Clavister.