Enea OPNFV Pharos Lab for ARM-based Network Equipment

Enea hosts the world's first Pharos Lab for OPNFV networking developers to validate applications on ARM-based servers.

OPNFV is an open source project delivering a carrier-grade, integrated, NFV reference platform. Its aim is to move the industry toward a standardized framework supporting the flexibility, automation, and scalability needed for next generation network infrastructure.

The Pharos project

Within OPNFV, the Pharos project specifies and develops a community lab infrastructure that is geographically and technically diverse. The Pharos specification defines a "compliant" test environment for the labs, which are hosted by the community and the Linux Foundation.

A technically and geographically diverse lab

While the early OPNFV developer releases had a stronghold on x86 architecture-based test equipment, the community is in dire need of a compliant lab for testing and validation also on ARM-based equipment. Enea has therefore put an emphasis on ARM-based hardware in its Pharos lab.

Enea offers several PODs to test on, most of them based on ARMv8 Aarch64 hardware from leading manufacturers, but also high performance x86 servers. The combination makes it possible to compare and benchmark functionality and performance on different platforms and architectures in the same lab.

Bringing value to the OPNFV community

The Sweden based lab is publicly accessible to allow the OPNFV community the ability to validate OPNFV. OPNFV contributors and committers, hardware vendors, operators, and developers of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) will all benefit from Enea's ARM-based Pharos lab for testing and benchmarking their products and services.

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"We are thrilled that Enea is joining the Pharos lab community and increasing the variety of architectures available for testing in our federated testing environment. The goal of the OPNFV Pharos testbed project requires a collection of diverse labs and a broad range of hardware, which helps ensure OPNFV’s applicability across architectures, environments and vendors. Inclusion of ARM-based servers in these testing environments helps further this goal and benefits the larger ecosystem."

Heather Kirksey, Director, OPNFV.