5G Data Management

Enea Subscription Manager

Cloud-Native Management of Subscriber Data and Authentication in 5G Networks

Enea’s Subscription Manager is a cloud-native solution for subscriber data handling in 5G networks. It includes the Unified Data Management (UDM) function for managing subscriber-related network procedures like registration, authorization and mobility management, and the Authentication Server Function (AUSF) for UE authentication.

Operators can adopt Enea’s Subscription Manager and interwork with their legacy HSS without changes.

The Subscription Manager is designed in compliance with 3GPP’s cloud-native service-based architecture. It can be deployed in a multi-vendor combination, in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments, to avoid vendor lock-in. It includes the UDM and the AUSF as separate containers; they may be deployed together or separately depending on the operator’s network configuration.

Containerized architecture allows Enea’s Subscription Manager to seamlessly scale horizontally to meet very high network demands, maintain high availability with self-healing, and manage overload. It is uniquely able to provide multiple solutions to support the interworking of 4G and 5G networks for both 5G SA (standalone) and 5G NSA (non-standalone) deployment options.

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Key Features

  • Multiple 4G/5G interworking options, 3GPP standardized UDICOM, Diameter interface and 4G-Data HSS preserving existing investments

  • Service based architecture compliant containerized NFs deployable in the private or public cloud

  • Powerful Enea Rules Engine for introduction of customized rules and interfaces

  • Easy integration with all databases and repository technologies, including the Enea Stratum Cloud Data Manager

  • Rigorous implementation of the latest 3GPP standards — Release 17 compliant

  • AUSF function supports standard UE authentication for 3GPP and non-3GPP access using 5G AKA and EAP-AKA’

Smooth interworking between UDM and HSS

Seamless control signaling towards HSS in 4G networks for standalone deployment of 5G

Get operational quickly

Simplified integration, with support for deployment on all virtualization platforms in private data centers or in the public cloud

Pay as you grow

Highly scalable, containerized, built on a truly cloud-native architecture

Data Management Interworking between 5G HSS and 5G UDM

A summary of the options and related factors operators must consider when interworking data management architectures between 4G and 5G


Topics and resources

Enea Unified Data Manager

Enea Unified Data Manager is a key part of the Enea Subscriber Management and Policy Control portfolio. It performs the 3GPP functions of Unified Data Management (UDM) in 5G networks and interworks with any Home Subscriber Server (HSS) in 4G networks

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Heavy Reading White Paper on Best-in-Breed Data Management

This white paper discusses the key attributes of 5GC with a focus on 5G data management. The SBA introduced by the 3GPP for the 5GC offers opportunities for multi-vendor technology selection

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Policy and Access Control Portfolio

The Enea Policy and Access Control portfolio provides innovative software-based functions for the control plane in telecom networks. The three main functional areas supported by the portfolio are authentication, policy control and user data management

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