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Enea Edge

Virtualization for Edge, SD-WAN, Security, 5G and IoT

Enea Edge is a complete software platform designed for deployment on any white box uCPE, and optimized for common uCPE networking and edge use cases like SD-WAN, security, IoT, 5G, and video analytics. Not based on OpenStack, it is able to provide full throughput and performance with minimal footprint. It depends on as little as one core and scales to high-end Intel Xeon devices, leading to high deployment flexibility.

Enea Edge includes both the runtime platform deployed on a white box, and a management component with automation tools deployed in private or public cloud.

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No more human errors and time-consuming manual management, Enea Edge offers Secure Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), Ansible automation, and easy inegration with orchestration.


Scaling from 2 core/2GB RAM devices to high-end servers, Enea Edge removes the need to maintain different platforms for different use cases


Use with any white box, any VNF or application, and any orchestrator. Unrivaled scalability and a true pure-play platform enables virtualization with only best-of-breed solutions.

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Enea Edge Datasheet

Virtualization Platform for White-Box uCPE

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Streaming Telemetry in Enea Edge

Application note

Detailed monitoring of system and network data on uCPE

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Cost-efficient uCPE: NETCONF-based management without OpenStack

Application note

Enea Edge uses NETCONF and YANG to create a highly cost-effective edge platform, optimized for uCPEs.

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Analyst Solution Review

Independent review of Enea Edge by Roy Chua, principal analyst at AvidThink

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Intel Solution Review

Enea Edge combines automation, management, and an operating system to provide a powerful foundation for virtualized branch office networking; software stack is optimized for Intel® Architecture processors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about Enea Edge including its support for white-boxes and applications.

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