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To Stay on Schedule, You Need the Team with the Right Skills and Experience

Your requirements may change. The announced launch date rarely does. And the work has to be done with low impact on your staff. You need a systems software and validation team who can get quickly up to speed and push your project forward.

Experts, from Development to Certification

For the past 50+ years, we have been mobilizing outstanding engineering talent for unified solutions. Enea’s innovative, award-winning work has defined and shaped embedded operating systems as well as telecommunications and networking technologies.

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Systems Software

Leverage the expertise of over 300 software engineers from our Global Services division, whose track record features complex, embedded systems for the aviation market, including multiple commercial airborne equipment projects certified to Level A by the FAA.

  • All major embedded RTOSes and embedded Linux (including our award winning OS/Linux RTOS kernels)
  • Adapting SW apps/algorithms to take full advantage of multicore platforms (both AMP and SMP OSes)
  • BSP/SDK development and optimization for all major chipsets (ARM, PPC, DSPs, MIPS, FPGAs)
  • Full APPs design and development (ex. IoT solutions from bare-metal firmware on sensors to Cloud and Mobile APPs)
  • UX/UI design and development (for embedded platforms like QT, Win/Linux apps and Android/iOS)
  • Networking stacks/medias (TCP/IP, (LE)BT, WiFi, CAN, SPI, PCIe, etc.)
  • Middleware expertise including system/platform management software for distributed architectures and systems with a strong background in resiliency, redundancy and high availability

Validation, Verification & Test Automation

Mobilize proven expertise to perform rigorous tests and controls for timely, high quality delivery of your product. We build on 20 years of experience in end-to-end systems development using third party frameworks and tools, as well as nearly from scratch development of test automation and continuous integration platforms. Our internal processes and standards are strategically designed to ensure complete, flawless and transparent capture and transfer of requirements.

It goes way beyond testing engineers executing test scenarios. Enea Global Services offers a complete package:

  • Validation of requirements vs. product specifications and vs. test scenarios
  • Design and implementation of automated test frameworks and test scripts
  • Integration with source control and requirements management
  • Deployment and usage of code coverage and coding style tools
  • Automated SW deployment and test execution
  • Results capture and interpretation
  • Dashboard updates

Avionics Certification

Benefit from the proven experience of a worldwide team of software engineers whose expertise is recognized by the highest standards of certification: DO178C/DO254 Level A. We also offer DER services, starting with GAP analysis through sign off, where appropriate.

Safety & Reliability Engineering

Ramp up resources for in-depth systems engineering analysis of new, upgraded or changed designs. Our Global Services portfolio includes projects with major tier 1 avionics equipment manufacturers to develop systems reliability and maintainability.

“The Enea consultants have been a part of the team for many projects and I expect then to be here for many more projects. I have our Enea consultants meet and present to our clients. They blend in seamlessly.”

Tim Farmer | Director Avionics, Boeing C-17

Ground Communications

The journey began when Ericsson  requested we develop platform software for a family of switches and routers. Years and awards later, we provide complex communications systems for SATCOM, First Responders and federal defense contracts.

Space Communications

For the past 50+ years, we have been working the frontlines of communications and embedded software. Of these, 10+ have been in space communications. Our work has successfully launched with ESA. If you are developing a space vehicle and looking for a partner expert in embedded software, we should talk.

Airborne Avionics Systems

Over the last 20 years, our work has spanned across: Flight Management Systems and Control Systems; DO-297 Integrated Modular Architectures (IMA); Displays & Graphics Systems Communication / Navigation / Surveillance; TCAS; TAWS; Sense & Avoid; SATCOM; Platforms; Data Acquisition; RTOS and Networks; BSP, BIT and IoT.

Onboard Spacecraft Systems

Our work in this domain started with the very first multi-core DSPs, in 1999, which featured Enea OSEck. Most of Enea’s operating systems solutions have now been deployed in recent onboard spacecraft projects.

Earth and Space Observation

We have developed and deployed solutions to monitor and control unified software and hardware for many industrial systems, networks and equipment in remote areas. As members of the Euclid consortium, the ESA project to map the Dark Universe, we provide software implementation and validation for multispectral deep space images.

Featured Customer Case Studies

File Transfer Solution for the European Space Agency

Complete file transfer solution for spacecraft on-board software

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Multicore Implementation for the European Space Agency

Optimized multicore implementation for on-board image compression

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Airborne Communication Server for Avionics Customer

Engineering services for a new air-to-ground communications system

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Experience in networking technology and solutions for the future of Avionics and Aerospace Systems

As the industry accelerates towards connectivity and networking technologies, our DNA in critical software R&D and game-changing contribution of 50+ years in telecom naturally gravitates our center of expertise towards avionics and aerospace.

Space2Space and Space2Ground Communication Protocols

We have been working with the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2013 to develop, integrate, and validate CFDP (CCSDS File Delivery Protocol) based communication software platforms.

The solution was successfully used in fully operational IMA-SP (Integrated Modular for Avionics) space frameworks, ensuring the overall reliability and safety of the networking modules for space coms.

Airborne Network and Communications Gateway

Enea Global Services is a long time software partner of leading players such as Boeing, to improve aircraft connectivity. We leverage our expertise for:

  • Adding support on the aircraft (SW + HW) for new connectivity media, e.g. laser to replace/augment the current RF system for satellite links
  • On board micro-GSM base-stations
  • On board WiFi (parallel networks for infotainment)
  • Implementing SW/Firmware for new on-board gateways / routers to help converge new multiple physical media connections (DO-178C and 254 based requirements)
  • Time and Space Partitioning (ARINC-653 and IMA-SP compliant) software solutions to split and secure critical SW components from non-critical ones to improve passenger infotainment


New 5G networks require migration from dedicated networking equipment to virtualized SW network functions implementation.

This will have an impact on user requirements, for instance in smart-aircraft/drones.

Enea is already shaping new 5G networks with products and expert services for:

  • High-performance, low footprint Edge and Access NFV SW platforms
  • Packet inspection security platform with award-winning deep packet inspection SW
  • Industry leading SW video optimization services for both GSM end-user and industry use cases, e.g. drone border surveillance
  • Performance Enhancing Proxy SW solution for Earth and SATCOM traffic (TCP/IP, QUICK, HTTP2, etc.

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