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Our global support team is here to make sure you can successfully build, deploy and manage your projects and systems. Our ambition is to help you keep your projects running at full pace by preventing issues before they happen and give you help from true experts when and how you need it.

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Certified according to ISO 9001:2015, our support delivers consistent and reliable services to our customers.


We provide a dedicated support organization with committed and skilled support engineers working with your best interests in mind.


Worldwide support is delivered in local languages, coordinated from 7 support centers distributed in different time zones.

"Benchmark Support"

'Conclusion: "Benchmark" - The way the support process is managed and measured excel from many other support organisations'
Mats Pallin - Lead Auditor Business Assurance, Intertek

Meet Our People

Watch and listen to some of our support engineers and customer representatives as they give their view of our world-class support.

David Shares A Support Case

David Sayghani shares a challenging support case that ended happily thanks to a very quick response and hard work from Enea's support team.

Erika Gives her View on the Importance of Support

Erika Hjertén shares her view on the importance of providing world class support to Enea's customers.

Top 10 Reasons Enea Provides World Class Support

We have summarized the ten most important reasons behind Enea's world-class support.

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Extended Support for Critical Projects

Extended maintenance options are available for an additional fee that is determined based on the services that you selected. Potential Extended Support Services include on-site support, support reviews and a quicker turnaround of support issues.

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Software Updates

Major product releases are made on a regular basis for all products in the Enea product portfolio. Major releases include cumulative upgrades containing corrections to products and new functionality to be included in the licensed products. Maintenance updates and patches are provided for corrections to problems as available and upon request.

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