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8 of the top 10 mobile operators in the world use our trafffic management solutions for multiple value-added services that help in improving capacity, user QoE and monetization of data without added latency. Our inline UPF applications optimize / accelerate web and video traffic, manage RAN capacity, saves energy, and classify flows for the enforcement of user access and protection in 4G and 5G networks.

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All Enea Openwave Traffic Management Solutions

Openwave Video Optimization

Adapts to traffic in real-time so you can trade off cost against QoE

Deployed in leading T1 networks worldwide, RAN Congestion Manager offers fully virtualized Machine Learning technology to intelligently manage video traffic.


Openwave DPI and Content Filtering

Traffic Classifier and Traffic Filter safeguard users and protect your revenues

DPI and Categorization software provides an agile, comprehensive, network-based solution for analysis, classification and enforcement


Openwave Virtual Load Balancer

Carrier-Grade Scalability For Service Providers

Enea Openwave Virtual Load Balancer (vLB) is a fully virtualized software-based load balancer that distributes IP traffic across multiple application servers based on configurable load, availability, and policy.


Openwave HTTPS Header Enrichment

Secure connectivity management for enterprise services

Enea Openwave TLS Manager provides Mobile Network Operators with TLS termination capabilities for HTTPS, HTTP-to-HTTPS and HTTPS-to-HTTP service enforcement.


Openwave 5G Service Engine

Inline User Plane Optimization Engine

Enea Openwave 5G Service Engine (5G-SE) is a cloud-native packet flow inspection framework extending basic authorization and data flow services of the network (4G EPC and 5G Core) into content flows that can be understood and optimized for a great mobile experience.


Openwave Integra NFV Platform

Best in class service orchestration and modular NFV platform

Highly modular architecture, low latency and high performance for both the signalling/control plane and the data/user plane. Enables encrypted application classification, and dynamic NFV service chaining


Topics and resources

How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption by 10%

Enea's traffic management solution could lead to a 20 percent reduction in the amount of data needed to deliver video at the same perceived quality, resulting in average energy savings of more than ten percent across the network.

More on saving energy

5G Capacity and Load Balancing


Many operators are turning their attention to virtual load balancers that offer unmatched scalability, an easy insertion that eliminates complex routing operation, and hashing-based stickiness. This paper outlines what you must know about the changes ahead for the industry.

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Deliver seamless end user experience across 4G & 5G


Enea’s traffic management solutions enable CSPs to better manage Internet content flows over mobile networks. They can accelerate and optimize low-level protocols and flows such as TCP & UDP, but also make it possible to better manage encrypted content and ultra-high-definition video flows. This brief introduces Enea Openwave 5G Service Engine.

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How to Save Energy & Optimize Mobile Experience

Executive Briefing

The spiraling costs of energy (7-10x) is now a major business issue. Learn how you can reduce the cost of running a network - while maintaining a #1 network experience for subscribers. Enea can demonstrate what can be practically achieved today to manage traffic from the core network – without changing end user apps or content services from the internet.

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