Enea NFV Access is a lightweight virtualization software platform uniquely designed for deployment on edge devices at customer premise. It is streamlined for high networking performance and minimal footprints for both platform and VNFs, resulting in very high compute density. Enea NFV Access provides a foundation for vCPE agility and innovation, reducing cost and complexity for computing at the network edge.


Enea NFV Access is optimized for virtual network functions that need high networking performance with a small form factor. It is a streamlined platform without the overhead that solutions originally developed for data centers carry with them. It allows virtualization using containers or full virtual machines, adding to its scalability.

Great performance

Enea NFV Access is designed for CPE, with minimal footprint and no need for OpenStack. It's optimized data plane provides 10 Gb/s throughput also for small packet sizes, and reduced end-to-end latency. 


Download the Enea NFV Access datasheet for an in-depth view of the foundation for vCPE revolution, reducing cost and complexity for computing at the network edge.

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Open standards

Building on open standards, Enea NFV Access prevents vendor lock-in. While many of the open source components that are part of Enea NFV Access are modified to provide higher performance and better availability, interfaces are left completely open. Operators can benefit from better interoperability and by securing their network architecture for the future.


Enea NFV Access supports single 4-core ARM systems up to clustered 24 core x86 Xeon servers. The platform scalability allows the same solution to run on various platforms, minimizing the need to provision virtualization platforms from several vendors.


Enea is a committed contributor to the NFV community and is a catalyst for cross-platform flexibility and architectural choice. As a consequence, Enea NFV Access supports both x86 and ARM based devices. 

Webinar slides

Find out more about how NFVi software can be the foundation on which to create additional value from your infrastructure, with SFC and service classification.

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White paper

This white paper written by ACG Research talks about maximizing the agility at the networking edge.

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NFV at the Edge of the network

NFV is moving to the edge of the networks, but the edge is more challenging than the datacenters and in this video we discuss possible solutions to address these problems.

Enea NFV Services

We provide services for proof-of-concepts in lab environments, and rollouts and deployment in operational environments. 

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Deployment ready

Enea NFV Access is packaged for fast and easy deployment and is ready to host VNFs from the get go without further configuration or integration work needed. 

Small footprint

Enea NFV Access is engineered for high platform scalability and minimized footprint, providing high compute density and allowing more VNFs on the servers.


Out-of-the box, VNF management and Service Function Chaining using OpenStack API, NETCONF, REST, Docker API, or CLI to interface orchestration.