Enea Fast Path

Ever-increasing demands on packet processing elements in the networks require high performance IP packet handling and functionality such as IP forwarding or IPsec. Enea Fast Path delivers an optimized OpenFastPath (OFP) TCP/IP stack and OpenDataPlane (ODP) or Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), providing a hardware abstraction layer and a common API for applications and libraries for the networking dataplane.

Fast Path to Accelerate Network Functions

Enea Fast Path is a cross-platform TCP/IP stack, which enables network application developers to create high performance and scalable applications. It offers accelerated routing/forwarding for IPv4 and IPv6, tunneling and termination for a variety of protocols.

Enea Fast Path is designed to provide linear multicore throughput scalability on standard servers as well as embedded devices, and supports multiple hardware (ARM, X86 and MIPS) and software platforms (ODP, DPDK, Netmap).

Enea Fast Path is ideal for LTE EPC, LTE BBU, C-RAN, 5G use cases.

Main Features

  • Custom UDP socket performance optimizations.
  • Platform tunning for UDP socket forwarding usecase and 10G linerate support.
  • Layer 4 protocol support: UDP, TCP and ICMP
  • Layer 3 protocol support: ARP/NDP, IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding and routing,
    • IPv4 fragmentation and reassembly, VRF for IPv4, IGMP and multicast
  • Layer 2: Ethernet, VLAN
  • Large(Jumbo) frame support (9000B) by setting if_mtu value
  • VxLan and GRE Tunneling
  • Packet statistics and configuration debugging
  • Management of routes and interfaces with VRF support
  • Highly optimized and scalable internal data structures.
  • Application APIs: configuration, packet processing, logging, etc…
  • Socket APIs: Optimized zero-copy sockets and BSD style socket interface
  • Multiple IP addresses bind support on a single network card IPv4 & IPv6



Enable accelerated routing/forwarding for IPv4 and IPv6, tunneling and termination for a variety of protocols.

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Integration Services

  • Integration on specific hardware and software systems. Replacing existing proprietary data plane APIs or creating a packet processing partition using ODP or DPDK; customized application API’s and communication with the control plane; and customizations to support special hardware configurations.
  • Hardware porting and optimization services. Test and verification of silicon vendor implementations, and optimization for specific hardware (which optionally includes implementing support for vendor specific SDK API’s and HW accelerators).
  • Feature development services. Pre-study, specification and implementation of custom features and protocols.
  • Production test, maintenance and support services. Test and validation, release management, maintenance and backport of specific features.

Enea Fast Path Performance on ARM

IP Forwarding

Enea Fast Path Performance on ARM

UDP Forwarding