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We have been developing operating systems since 1969. Today we are a leading provider of embedded Linux and high-performance real-time operating systems. With our expertise, we can help you design your runtime environment according to the requirements you have, without compromises and trade-offs between functionality and performance. We can help you reduce your risk, increase your time-to-market, and lower the lifetime costs for your products, through our expertise and solutions.

We Are Runtime experts

We have been working with operating systems since 1969. We are experts in embedded Linux, real-time, virtualization and networking. Over the years we have learnt that choosing and configuring a runtime is not always easy, there are many options and different runtimes provide different characteristics. Sometimes there are even conflicting requirements that are hard to handle. But choosing the wrong runtime can cause applications to perform badly or be difficult to maintain and integrate.

We can help you during design and development phases, and throughout the entire product lifecycle to reduce risk, gain time-to-market, and reduce the total-cost-of-ownership. Our broad portfolio of proven solutions including Linux, real-time alternatives, and hybrid solutions allows us to design and provide a tailored runtime for you that fits your characteristics requirements.

We'd love to talk runtime with you!

We know a lot about Linux and real-time in embedded systems.

We can help you explore your options, define your requirements better, and suggest how you can choose and design your runtime. Of course we can deliver your runtime as well.

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Choosing Your Runtime

Choosing a Linux based runtime for embedded applications requires some reflection. This paper discusses key points and outlines different ways to successfully designing the runtime.

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5G and LTE-A Baseband Processing Performance

Runtime solutions that can provide the performance needed to build flexible and cost-efficient solutions for LTE-A and 5G baseband processing.

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Resources for Embedded Runtimes


Why Hybrid AMP/SMP Scales on Multicore

This video explains what an SMP/AMP hybrid OS is and why it can scale on multicore devices.



Choosing Your Runtime.

Key points and an outline to how yousuccessfully design your runtime.


Webinar Recording

Overcoming Performance vs. Feature Trade-offs in Linux.

How you configure Linux to gain both performance and features.



Enea OSE Datasheet

Details and specifications for multicore real-time operating system Enea OSE.



Enea Linux Datasheet

Details and specifications for Enea Linux, optimized for networking and virtualization.



A brief overview of Enea's histrory with runtimes and real-time systems.



Three ways to enable Linux for real-time.