Solutions for Xilinx System-On-Chip

We provide a broad portfolio of embedded Linux and real-time operating system solutions and tools for Xilinx SoCs, covering use cases in a number of application areas including telecom, industrial, medical, and aerospace/defense. Our runtime solutions integrate the heterogeneous processing units on the SoCs and enables high performance computing on the application processors.

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Working with Enea and Xilinx

Optimized for Xilinx/Device support

We port our runtime solutions to Xilinx SoC targets and provide production grade BSPs and drivers for Xilinx boards and SDKs.


Our global organization provides project and development services for Xilinx targets for all phases in software development. See services

Global support locally

7 support hubs in different time zones provides ISO:9001 certified support 24/7/365, in many different languages. We have a strong expertise supporting customers using Xilinx devices. See support

Always close to you

Our field teams are working closely with Xilinx teams to ensure a strong local presence and to maximize our ability to ensure our customers are successful with projects based on Xilinx devices. Contact us


We have customers in many market segments, building high performance applications with our runtimes on Xilinx SoCs. These are some examples on use cases in different markets.

Telecom and Networking

Use cases include:

  • 3G/4G/5G radio access networks, i.e. base stations and radio.
  • Network switches and routers.

See more solutions for 5G

Industrial IoT

Use cases include:

  • Real-time environments for industrial automation, and industrial IoT.
  • Sensor data processing and control applications for industrial robotics
  • Intelligent control applications, networking and HMI for smart grids

Solutions for Industrial IoT

Test and Measurement

Use cases include:

  • Telecom test equipment with high real-time performance on multicore devices
  • Post-processing and analysis of captured sensor data, control, and HMI.

Solutions for Test & Measurement

Aerospace and Defence

Use cases include:

  • Real-time environments for processing high resolution data streams from multiple sensors including radar and video, and control applications.
  • Enea is an independent high-reliability software company performing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification (RTCA DO-178 and DO-254).

Automotive and transportation

Use cases include:

  • Connected gateways networking and control plane.
  • High performance control and communications in powertrain applications.


Use cases include:

  • Robotic surgery control and networking
  • Meeters and analyzers
  • Real-time image processing and analysis
  • HMI applications

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