Global reach – local presence

Enea bridged services cut costs, increase development speed, and allow dynamic scaling of project size thanks to hundreds of experienced engineers.

Bridged services

Enea has successfully implemented the “Bridged services” concept, where local customer interfaces such as project and program management are geographically close to the customer (sometimes even on-site), and a strong, 300+ team of engineers in the U.S. and Romania ensure a time- and price-efficient R&D backbone. Bridged services are heavily used in international assignments for several verticals.

A mature and agile delivery model

With Enea, you accelerate your software driven R&D through fast access to mature, agile & specialized delivery platforms, with world class management frameworks and long term flexible value building commercial models.

Working with Enea gives you access to highly specialized engineers, with a great experience from multinational projects. You gain rapid software development thanks to our technical expertise, and radical time-to-market optimization. We have the capacity to design and develop software solutions in parallel with creating optimal features, and pride ourselves in delivering innovation and added value.

Capacity and expertise

With a long and prominent legacy in telecoms/networking, Enea has a unique experience from embedded engineering and software development of highly demanding systems. We are experts in operating systems and has a solid understanding of hardware dependencies and optimizations of both application and hardware.

No matter the vertical, there is always a base platform with many similarities between the use cases, and we have the expertise to deliver services on several topography levels.

HW platforms and real-time operating systems

Product software R&D platforms

Embedded & Enterprise applications

Professional Embedded Software development services

Scale and longevity

Depending on the complexity of your project Enea can easily scale from smaller teams responsible for a certain module or quality assurance, to complete strategic partnerships with customized groups responsible for entire systems or R&D efforts.

Strategic Technical Partnerships

  • Long term technical alignment
  • Share know-how
  • Risk sharing
  • Performance, KPI driven

Managed Services Solutions

  • Dedicated, custom, R&D groups
  • Fully plugged in customer’s org
  • Seamless transfer of way of working
  • Transparency & Flexibility

Out-Sourcing/Software Development Services

  • Accelerate R&D
  • Improve access to resources
  • Provide higher ROI on R&D dollar

A highly effective low risk capacity solution

Cost efficient

Save 3 MSEK/year per team of 7 engineers!

Quick scalability

Enea has a proven on-boarding model, ensuring efficient and dynamic resource allocation with high quality.

Proven delivery model

Enea has more than 10 years worth of experience from the Bridged Services model, used at scale since 2008.

Enea Bridged services model feature image


The Enea Bridged Services concept is available in Sweden and USA (in Sweden in collaboration with Sylog).

The off-site teams are located in Sweden, USA and Romania.

Please contact any of the three persons to discuss opportunities in your region.

Hossein Barati image

Hossein Barati

Account Manager, Services Sales, Enea


Contact Hossein

Ulf Stom image

Ulf Stom

Key Account Manager, Sylog


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Jason Kennedy image

Jason Kennedy

Account Manager, Services North America, Enea

+1 480 299 5889

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If you want quality work, great attention to details, flexible and willing individuals, this team is a great option.

Peter Davies, Motorola, Operations Manager

Comparing Enea to any other local software provider - they are very flexible and they proved a very good understanding of our business since the first meetings

Bert Peirsman, Amano Europe, CEO