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The global Enea support team helps you sort out any question or obstacle you might have, and assists you in getting the most out of your implementation of our technologies. 

Request Support Online

Register a support request online in the Enea incident reporting and issue tracking system. Open to both existing customers and indirect customers (partners, consultants or other personnel working with our products) 


Customer Portal

As an existing customer you can access all your licensed software, product documentation and more at the Enea customer portal.

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Local Support

Contact a local support engineer in your region.

+1 650 491 0032

+81 3 5207 2610

+86 21 6334 3406

Europe & Rest of World
+46 8 50 71 40 00

Read this First

Please first consult our online documentation or the documentation received with the products. If you need further support, our engineers are ready to assist you.

Preferrably, use our support issue tracking system. Have a look at the EneaIssues User's Guide.

When contacting Enea Support, please help us by including the following:

  1. The name of the software product component
  2. Version Number
  3. Error Messages
  4. Documented sequence of events to reproduce the problem

Also, let us know the severity level of your issue:

  • Critical – The full system is unusable, with no known workaround available
  • Serious – A component of the system is unusable until a fix is available
  • Minor – Little or no impact on the use of the product

Enea will track your request and you will be sent progress updates via email. Please respond to the updates by logging in to the tool.